Career Guidance & Training


1) Introduction to Accounting Career.
2) Introduction and training to Sage Line 50 Accountancy Software.

1) Introduction to finance career in UK.

Mechanical Engineering:
1) Introduction to Mechanical Engineering career.
2) Help to achieve various mechanical engineering professional certifications.

Electrical Engineering:
1) Introduction to Electrical Engineering Career.
2) Help to achieve various electrical engineering professional certifications.

1) Guidance and help to become registered Pharmacist in the UK.

1) Guidance on how to pursue GP and Dentist career in UK.

Basic IT course:
1) How to use Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc).
2) How to do internet banking and stay safe online.
3) Basic Laptop and PC knowledge.

Desktop course:
1) Introduction and training to CompTIA A+ certification.
2) Learn how to install Desktop OS (Windows 7, Windows 8 etc).
3) Learn how to install Microsoft Office and other software.
4) Introduction to ticketing system (widely used in big organisation).

Server Installation & Management:
1) Introduction to IT system engineering career.
2) Installation of Windows 2012 server.
3) How to install and configure Active Directory.
4) Introduction and basic training on Linux OS.

Software Development:
1) Introduction to IT software engineering career.
2) Guidance and training on .NET programming.
3) Guidance on Software Solutions Architect career.

1) Introduction to IT network engineering career.
2) Guidance and training to CCNA, CCNP, CCIE.
3) Guidance and training to Network Security Firewalls (Cisco/Juniper) setup.
4) Guidance and training to Network Monitoring Tools (Solarwind, SNMP).
5) Guidance and training to Network Load Balancing Tools (F5, Cisco).
5) Introduction and guidance to IT Network Architect and designer career.

Photography, Videography and Live Streaming:
1) Detailed understanding on how DSLR camera works.
2) Photography – Understanding of Aperture, ISO, Shutter speed
3) Learn basic Videography
4) How to do live streaming
5) Advice on photographic equipments.


Important NOTE – Please note all guidance and training are volunteer work (seva) so time will depend on mutual agreement between volunteers and trainee.
For more information please contact Yagnesh Devani on 07785666393/

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